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Our Mission

Peritian™'s mission is to provide premium quality gear at reasonable prices so customers can spend less on gear and more on doing what they love. We are experienced outdoorsmen and tactical professionals who understand:

  • The nuances of designing effective gear
  • The important of quality, functionality, durability, and reliability in gear manufacturing
  • The unreasonable prices that many are forced to deal with simply to get quality they can trust

How we address all these concerns at once is with our unique business strategy. We reduce overhead and markup to give our customers the best deals possible in both price and performance.

Another way we achieve this is stay at the forefront of innovation. We use our firsthand field experience, passion, and creativity to continually look at ways to develop superior designs. We then subject these products to intense testing to make sure nothing goes unaccounted for.

When the stakes are high, Reliability is Paramount!

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Address: 460 S Lemon Ave #3860 Walnut, CA 91789, USA