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We know how critical reliable gear is and much you love spending time in the outdoors. We also know how expensive decent gear can be and what a waste buying knock off equipment is.

We created Peritian to address these problems and make it possible to find all the quality gear you need easily for less.

Saving our customers money frees up their budget to spend more time and money doing what they love!

Building a brand worthy of trust not only gives our customers peace of mind. It also means that in an emergency when stakes are high, we are there in a way to help them!

The field experience and expertise we bring to our designs allows us to create gear that is not only good in aesthetic, but practical and functional.

Thinking about nuances like ergonomics, economy of motion, and weight let's us create a better experience in people's daily lives and adventures in nature.

We are committed to helping people experience a better, yet practical and minimalist lifestyle.

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