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About Us

Our Vision

Peritian™ is dedicated to making premium, trustworthy tactical and outdoor gear available at reasonable prices. We believe there is too much fluff and hype in an industry that is supposed to be about function and practicality over fashion and prestige.

We use a grassroots business strategy of reducing overhead and markup to provide customers with the best deals possible. Or goal is simply to bring to bring customers as much value as possible.

When the stakes are high, Reliability is Paramount!

No Knockoffs

We carefully design or modify and hand select our products to make sure they live up to our personal standards of functionality. We continuously inspect our stock for quality assurance, and carefully screen our manufacturers with the utmost diligence.

There's a plethora of unsatisfactory gear on the market, and we've all had the unfortunate experience of discovering that the hard way. When you choose Peritian™, we want to make sure you are more than satisfied with each product you order after thoroughly experiencing it. We want our customers to know they can always trust the quality of our products!


Our Background

Peritian™ (pronounced per-i-tee-en) comes from the Latin word peritia, meaning practical knowledge, experience, or expertise. We have law enforcement and high level field and operations management experience in armed security. We also have close ties to seasoned military personnel.

Whether its urban tactical situations or hunting and camping in the harsh elements, we have the practical knowledge to understand what factors to consider and what's most important in the real world.

We apply this experience towards innovation in our steadfast commitment to providing our customers with unparalleled satisfaction and utility. We value each and every one of our customers with pride!

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Hours: 11am-4pm CST, M-F


Address: 460 S Lemon Ave #3860 Walnut, CA 91789, USA